Meet Flint

Being part of a community comes with a sense of belonging.

This is something Flint Harkness has always felt he missed out on growing up. Flint’s father, an educator, frequently moved his family in search of career opportunities and satisfaction. By the time he graduated high school, Flint had the opportunity to experience six different school districts in Nebraska. It is the admiration he has for his father, as well as his own experiences, that sparked Flint’s passion for education.

Education and career

After graduating from high school, Flint became a Maverick at the University of Omaha. There, he studied Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Studies. Flint then furthered his education and earned a Master’s degree in the same area. He obtained his first teaching experience at Alpha School while working with students who had a history of behavioral challenges in school. Through this experience, Flint developed a strong dedication to Special Education, which led to Flint earning an additional endorsement in the area. While finishing up course work for his Special Education endorsement, Flint began course work for an additional degree in Educational Leadership.

Flint’s campaign will address the following: 

  • The disconnect between the schools and the communities they surround 
  • The recruitment and retention of quality teachers, who are adequately prepared to deal with the challenges they may face in the classroom 
  • Analyze and evaluate the current status of Omaha Public Schools financials, including the pension plan, where I believe our representatives have not shown to be quality stewards of our public fund

I will emphasize making great policy over playing political games.”

More about Flint Harkness

Family life

Flint and his wife Shylo bought a house in the Hanscom Park neighborhood in 2013. They quickly fell in love with the area, and Flint finally began to feel like he was part of a community. Today, Flint and Shylo continue to live in the same neighborhood with their son, William.

Hobbies and interests

When he’s not spending time with his family, at work, or in class, Flint enjoys participating in endurance sports and completed his first Half-Ironman in 2015. Flint is a lifelong Husker Football fan and enthusiastic about most sports.